Jodie Amos


"Jodie is here because we believe she has the potential to progress up a performance pathway to a level where, with a suitable horse, she could win medals at an Olympics Games."
Will Connell - Equestrian World Class Performance Director
"Jodie has so much talent and feel, she is very easy to teach. She is blessed with a natural gift that is not so easy to come across, Jodie is certainly world class."
Andrew Fletcher - Coach
"Owning a horse with Jodie has far exceeded my expectations. The thrill of watching your horse developing from an unruly, untrusting bundle of talent into a top class three day eventer is a great journey to travel. Jodie's attention to detail and that of her team is second to none, she is an empathetic horsewoman, a gritty competitor and a true professional, plus a lovely person to be around."
Nicky Coates - Owner
"I’ve been training with Jodie for 8 years now and have had the honour of watching her become the success that she is today. Her talent, determination and patience have truly prevailed over the past few years and despite many unwelcome setbacks, Jodie’s ability to create something from a bad situation has been truly inspirational. I’ve seen the hard work that’s gone into Team Amos, acting as a stark reminder that with anything if you want it enough, you can make it happen. Jodie has always been someone whom I trust wholeheartedly and having her opinion and approval always gives me the confidence to keep driving for success and improvement. Her teaching does nothing but install confidence and positivity in you, which when working with horses can often be what makes or breaks a combination. Having Jodie at the end of the phone to celebrate the good days and pick you up after the days that we all live to forget is something that money can’t buy. I am so glad that we met by chance all those years ago and I am so grateful that I am still very much a part of Team Amos! I owe a lot of my own success to Jodie and wish her all of the luck in the world for the future!"
Hannah Darvas - Pupil
“When I gave Jodie the ride on Matt, I knew she would be the right person for him but had no idea to what extent. Matt is a very particular horse, as a youngster he was extremely nervous, sharp and flighty. Jodie has spent the time getting to know all his little quirks and today he trusts her implicitly. She is a very patient, kind and sympathetic rider who clearly loves her horses. Jodie has taken Matt to the highest levels of eventing, all the way to Badminton and Burghley despite being told by professionals that he would never make more than an average novice horse. Jodie is the perfect rider for Matt and they have become the most wonderful partnership, something I get huge pleasure in watching and being a part of.”
Caroline Messeca - Owner
"Team Amos' ongoing work, efforts and attention to detail is second to none. We have never experienced one issue in terms of training, regime, care, communication and management. In fact, the proof is in the horses condition, health, temperaments, achievements and well-being. Horses are horses, we understand that, and things can and unfortunately do go wrong. However, it would certainly appear that through Jodie's managed approach and her standards, knowledge, discipline within her team and their dedication and professionalism, we have a great baseline set-up to move forwards with. Here's to the future for Team Amos!"
Claire Routledge - Owner
"I started having lessons with Jodie in 2012 and since this time my results have improved dramatically. Jodie has never-ending patience and excellent attention to detail which has given us both the confidence and skills to improve."
Rachael Gladstone-Miller - Pupil
"We are very keen to support talented young riders in the world of eventing. Jodie shows guts and determination and has a real desire to compete at the top of her sport "
Jocelyn Riley - Owner & Manager of Equestrian Direct Surfaces