Jodie Amos

Support Team

Katie Smart
Head Girl Katie Smart

Katie has only recently started at JA Eventing, taking on the position of head girl having worked for Bert Bolton. With a wealth of experience on a number of competition yards, Katie is extremely dedicated and hard working not afraid of the long hours that go hand in hand with caring for horses. She is a lovely person to have around, passionate about the horses with a meticulous attention to detail and great communication & organisational skills creating a real sense of team work. 

Lizzie Knight
Groom Lizzie Knight

After falling into the equine world by accident Lizzie has been working with horses for 4 years now and took the leap into doing a Bsc in Equine Therapies, studying at Moulton College. Lizzie has learnt a lot in her short time having previously worked with rescue horses and aims to gain more knowledge whilst working with Jodie and her team. Passion and commitment is what keeps her driven, with the horses welfare always coming first. Being a little bit of a neat freak and perfectionist doesn’t go a miss either and needless to say Lizzie fits in perfectly!

Sarah Huard
Working Pupil Sarah Huard

Sarah arrived from France this summer to join the team at Aston-le-Walls as a working pupil. The plan was to gain invaluable experience on a competition yard, improve her english in an equestrian environment within which she will later forge her career. Sarah has fitted in very quickly, a lovely girl who has a passion for horses, hard working, conscientious and very keen to learn, always with a smile on her face.

Vicky Clarke
Freelance Groom Vicky Clarke

Vicky needs no introduction having worked for Jodie for almost ten consecutive eventing seasons and as a result has  become one of her very close friends. Every detail from running the yard to grooming at competitions, the horses training and individual needs, Jodie's likes and dislikes as well as her OCD habits... all our second nature to Vicky! A girl of multiple talents since moving into other sectors, working for Jodie husband Nick's shooting School and her brother's website company to running the events at Aston-le-Walls, Vicky is never too far away and happy to pop in and show newcomers the ropes. The adventures Vicky and Jodie have shared over the years, the endless memories, the highs and the lows, the laughs and the tears, all have created a very special friendship between the two.

Mama Jo
No. 1 Supporter Mama Jo

Jodie’s family are undoubtedly her number one supporters and she is very grateful to them for all their encouragement over the years. Joanna, also known as "Mama Jo" loves the horses, she never misses a big occasion and is always there to bring her luck. She will have the kitchen lorry packed and ready to go with everything they need, which is such a huge help and one less thing to worry about. She knows Jodie inside out, knows what to say at the right time and is never short in lending her words of wisdom. More than anything Jodie’s family have never pressurised her, they are simply there with unconditional love and support at all times.

Nigel & Ann Taylor
Jumping Coach Nigel & Ann Taylor

Nigel and Ann need no introduction to the world of eventing – he is a prolific 4 star event rider, member of Team GB, BE accredited trainer, ALW horse trials host, course designer and finally BE board member and rider representative! Ann has been to all the major championships in the world as well as the Seoul Olympics for the United States and now is one of the main selectors for the American Team in the UK. Both Nigel and Ann have mentored Jodie for the past fourteen years now and play a crucial role in her career. Helping her in the jumping phases, Nigel is very patient, fair and understanding of Jodie's horses, always bringing them on with the bigger picture in mind. Nigel and Ann will be at all the major events with Jodie, helping her both walk the courses and warm up for XC and Show jumping. Needless to say, she is hugely grateful for their help and commitment.

Andrew Fletcher
Dressage Coach Andrew Fletcher

Andrew Fletcher is a real perfectionist is his field. He is a BHS Chief Assessor, an FEI 4star eventing judge, a BD Accredited coach and has competed himself to international small tour level. His coaching ranges all the way up to Olympic standards and he has certainly bought Jodie and her horses on to another level of knowledge, work and increasing expectations. Andrew is inspirational in every way, enthusiastic and confidence giving, he knows how to get the best out of both horse and rider, very noticeable in Jodie's competitive performances in this phase.

Liz Brown
Vet Liz Brown

Liz Brown needs no introduction. She was the Assistant Vet to the British Eventing Team from 2005 to 2008 and attended the 2005 European Championships, 2006 World Equestrian Games and 2008 Olympics. She has travelled extensively with the British competitors and was appointed as British Eventing Team Vet in 2009 having been at every Championship competition since. Liz runs her own specialist equine practice at Lambourn, focusing on performance horses in eventing, racing and dressage.

Annabelle Galt
Human & Equino Physio Annabelle Galt

Formerly trained and qualified with Mary Bromley, Annabelle Galt is a very talented physio who has become a well know face on the eventing scene. Annabelle visits the team on a weekly basis to massage the horses - her treatments always have a huge effect, enabling them to work and compete in physical peak condition. Annabelle attends all the major three-day-events to ensure the horses are free of any stiffness and strains, ready to perform. Jodie is particularly lucky that Annabelle keeps her horse on site, so if she has any doubts whatsoever she is never too far away to come in and put her mind to rest. It goes without saying that Annabelle plays a crucial part in the horses well-being. 

Juliet Lock
Human & Horse Chiropractor Juliet Lock

Juliet has been a practising chiropractor for over fourteen years and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors. She treats a wide range of athletes and was part of the medical team at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Juliet has a particular interest in eventing and works with Jodie and her horses focusing on injury prevention and performance enhancement. At her specialist sports clinic "The practice" based in Oxfordshire, Juliet provides treatment and performance testing; by benchmarking movement and analysing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, potential precursors to injury can be identified and corrected thus improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of future injury.

Vicky Knapp
McTimoney Animal Practionner Vicky Knapp

Vicky is a McTimony chiropractor and has worked on both Jodie and her horses for many years now. Regular visits are planned in advance to make sure everyone is kept straight and level. This in turn ensures the correct framework for muscle build, keeps any strains at bay and enables the horses to evolve in the right way.

Sam Head
Farrier Sam Head

Sam has shod Jodie’s horses for 14 years now and is a crucial person in keeping the horses sound and on the road. With the well know expression "no foot - no horse", Sam works wonders with the ones showing clear weaknesses in this domain. He is a meticulous farrier and specialises in high level competition horses, allowing him to concentrate on quality not quantity. He works very closely with vets in special cases of remedial shoeing as well as running the family business designing performance shoes. 

Jon Trevor Roper
Farrier Jon Trevor Roper

Jon works alongside Sam, having done his apprenticeship with him, taking charge of all the commercial and livery horses as well as the competition ones. Like Sam, he is a meticulous farrier, incredibly talented and conscientious with a brilliant sense of humour.

Yard Mascot Max

Max is the yard mascot! He's a terrier cross and the life and soul of the yard, a real character and very much his own little person. Incredibly independent, Max can often be found at the burger vans at events, running up his own tab or wandering through the lorry park innocently eyeing up people's packed lunches... Don't be fooled by the eyes, he used to be half the size!