Jodie Amos


"Owning a horse with Jodie has far exceeded my expectations. The thrill of watching your horse developing from an unruly, untrusting bundle of talent into a top class three day eventer is a great journey to travel. Jodie's attention to detail and that of her team is second to none, she is an empathetic horsewoman, a gritty competitor and a true professional, plus a lovely person to be around”. Nicky Stocker - Owner

Jodie is constantly looking to take on more rides at all levels, so if you would like to become an owner get in touch with Jodie to discuss your requirements. This is a way of becoming more directly involved in Jodie’s success by purchasing eventers to complement her team.

Joining a syndicate is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a horse at a sensible price, share the costs amongst a group of keen supporters of the sport and still enjoy all the benefits of ownership. Get in touch with Jodie to take a look at a basic syndicate agreement and discuss how this might appeal to you.

Jodie is also offering an introductory syndicate package for those showing interest in the sport but who are undecided on the full level of commitment involved when purchasing a horse. An arrangement that is very common in racing, you will follow the progress of a top class horse for a chosen period of time with all the benefits of ownership, including owners’ passes to all major events. Your financial commitment is temporary and an agreed set amount will cover the cost of training and competing your horse.