Jodie Amos


Sponsoring a rider of Jodie’s calibre associates your company with one of the most prestigious sports at some of the most popular events in the world. Backing a talented, inspiring young British Sportswoman has clear promotional benefits. Her professional image as a hard-working, ambitious competitor makes her an ideal ambassador for your company.

Jodie’s career has already received coverage in local and national press. Sponsors can expect to benefit from more media attention through Jodie’s success with their brand being portrayed all over the country, throughout the year, targeting an affluent audience in a very high exposure sport. Badminton for example has the highest number of spectators on a single day for any european sporting event with over 180 000 viewers. Lottery funded as part of the World Class Development Squad in 2013, Jodie is directly associated with the Elite Team GB and has every intention of grasping this opportunity and fulfilling her Olympic ambitions.

Jodie’s highly professional and passionate team offer sponsorship packages tailored to fit your needs: you will be given the opportunity to advertise your company brand on Jodie’s custom built Whittaker Horsebox; your company name and logo will also feature on both horse and rider clothing and equipment throughout the year; and finally, you will be offered individual corporate hospitality at major events around the UK and abroad.

Please contact Jodie to discuss sponsorship opportunities.