Jodie Amos

Competition Horses

Wise Crack
Advanced CCI**** 438 BE PointsWise Crack
Soltair Justice
Advanced CCI **** 250 BE PointsSoltair Justice
Highland Patriot
Advanced CIC*** 63 BE PointsHighland Patriot
Attack Van De Peerdebos
Intermediate CCI** 12 BE PointsAttack Van De Peerdebos
Diamond Duette
Intermediate CCI** 39 BE PointsDiamond Duette
Intermediate 6 BE PointsBallyvaughn
La Chunga
Novice CIC* 5 BE PointsLa Chunga
Novice 3 BE PointsHiarado
Master Guy
BE100 8 Foundation PointsMaster Guy
Invite Only
BE100 29 Foundation PointsInvite Only
Cash in Hand
BE100 5yo Classes 19 Foundation PointsCash in Hand
BE90 4yo classesAlbatomas
Nutwood Soloist
BYEH 4 y/o classesNutwood Soloist
One to Win
BYEH 4yo ClassesOne to Win
Ardville Loughehoe Warrior
BYEH 4y/o classesArdville Loughehoe Warrior
Advanced CCI**** 276 BE pointsMatt