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About Jodie
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About Jodie

Jodie grew up in France over 20 years and only returned to the UK in 2002 to study History, French and Spanish at Nottingham University.

Jodie was originally trained by Laurent Bousquet, one of the top French three day eventers and coach to the Japanese, Belgium and French Senior Eventing Squad. Laurent and his wife Blandine mentored Jodie in every way, training, competing, backing, selling, running a yard, everything she practices stems from her time in France. 

Jodie first moved to Nigel and Ann Taylor’s base Washbrook Farm in 2004 where she worked and rode for the Taylors, eventually putting her studies aside and choosing to set up her own yard and concentrate on pursuing a career in Eventing. Nigel himself, a prolific event rider in his time with a wealth of experience at top level, still helps Jodie with the jumping and XC phases playing an invaluable role in her career. As for dressage, Jodie is trained by the inspirational Andrew Fletcher who has bought both her and her horses on no end in the last few years, in their ongoing strive for perfection.

Selected for the Lottery Funded World Class Programme in 2013, Jodie has been recognised as one of Great Britain's leading stars for the future and given access to all the World Class benefits of Team GB including mentoring, coaching, medicine, psychology, human and equine sports science. The aim of the World Class Development Programme is to identify Britain's most talented up and coming athletes and maximise their potential to deliver success on the international stage.

“Jodie is here because we believe she has the potential to progress up a performance pathway to a level where, with a suitable horse, she could win medals at an Olympics Games" commented Equestrian World Class Performance Director 2013, Will Connell.

Introducing Jodie...

How did you start riding?
I've always been fascinated by horses but it wasn't until the age of ten, whilst on holiday in Provence, that I had my first riding lesson. I caught the bug immediately, my room was covered in posters and I spent countless nights planning my future yard and naming it's potential inhabitants!

What made you choose eventing?
Complete coincidence - I moved to a yard where if you owned a pony, you evented. There was a really good team of us, all at different ages and levels, we had great fun.

Did you have any particular horse(s) who really helped you make it?
Falkland du Barri, the little Frenchie with a very high opinion of himself kick started my career in England followed by the gorgeous Altairs Luck who first took me up to advanced level. Wise Crack is the horse with whom I've achieved the most international success and Matt will always be incredibly special to me for exceeding everyones expectations and taking me round my first Badminton and Burghley.

What has been your most satisfying equestrian moment and why?
2014 was by far my best season with Wise Crack, winning the inaugural Britannia League for being the best placed rider at *** level having not yet made a British Team. Finishing 3rd at Blenheim CCI*** really topped it off, seeing my name up on the leader board amongst some of the best riders in the world was very rewarding.

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Work hard and dream big. I think in horses you need a combination of complete dedication, a competitive mind and of course a little bit of luck never goes amiss.

How do you fit everything into your daily routine?
Admittedly I sometimes struggle! I like structure so I tend to make lists as I like to know where I stand with everything. I also have a fantastic team of girls at home and I know the yard and horses are completely under control. 

What are your favourite hobbies or pastimes?
I enjoy playing tennis, my other passion would probably be travelling - I loved studying history and languages at University and have a real interest in learning about new cultures. This is something I really try to do more of during the winter months when the horses are on their holidays.

What would you be doing if you were not an Event rider?
Humanitarian work abroad... not sure that qualifies as a job though!

What is your favourite food?
Having grown up in France, I love food. I try and eat healthily, all our meat is fresh from Nick's parents farm and we have an organic fruit and veg delivery once a week. I do have to ban chocolate though as I have such a sweet tooth I’d happily eat it throughout the day!

What's your favourite movie or TV programme?
I don’t really get time to watch much TV but I love sitting in on a Saturday night to watch either The Voice or Britain's Got Talent... it’s become a bit of a ritual. You also can't beat a good film or a BBC drama, particularly on a cold winter rainy day!

What has been your worst injury?
I was quite badly concussed before Badminton 2013 - the saddle slipped at the gallops. I suffered with terrible double vision for nearly two months which was really quite scary. 

Do you have any good luck charms or rituals?
I try not to wear anything new at a competition for the first time. Otherwise, at a big event I usually have a good power nap before the XC... to such an extent that I actually have to set the alarm in case I don't wake up!